Give your Easter Celebration a Healthy Makeover with Stevia

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In just a few short weeks the Easter Bunny will be coming to town with loads of sugar in tow. But just because he brings it, doesn’t mean you have to consume it!

Traditionally, Easter is celebrated with baskets stuffed with sugary chocolates and candies, and unhealthy desserts and drinks. Over-indulging in foods or habits that are bad for you doesn’t have to be a part of your holiday, however. Give your Easter a healthy makeover this year by incorporating good-for-you foods and activities into your celebration.

Ditch the Sugar When You Bake

A healthier Easter doesn’t mean you have to give up the sweet stuff. Swapping sugar for stevia in your favorite springtime dessert recipes not only helps to reduce your calorie intake for the day, but allows you to avoid the nasty side effects of too much sugar, while still being able to enjoy your favorite sweet treats.

Most cookies and cakes can be transformed into a healthier version with a few simple modifications. Even cheesecake can taste just as delicious sugar-free. Recipes and conversion charts can be accessed on our website to help make your holiday baking hassle free.

Make Your Own Easter Candy

Instead of purchasing store-bought chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs, make your own at home. Whipping up your own Easter candy is relatively easy with holiday-themed candy molds, and often tastes better than the processed confections you find at the supermarket.

Just like your baked goods, use stevia instead of sugar to make traditional holiday candies for use in Easter baskets or for egg hunts. A quick Google search will produce a large variety of delicious candy recipes, including peanut butter eggs and fudge.

Stuff Baskets and Plastic Eggs with Stevita Hard Candies and Gum

Not all the treats you find for sale are bad for you and your kids. Stevita Hard Candies combine the health benefits of certified organic stevia with isomalt. Isomalt is a natural sugar alcohol from non-GMO sugar cane, which is caramelized, combined with Stevita organic stevia, and formed into deliciously healthy, sugar-free hard candies.

Sweetened with stevia and xylitol, SteviaDent chewing gum promotes healthy oral hygiene, protecting teeth and gums. And it tastes great. Both the hard candies and gum can be purchased at your local health food store or online.

The only thing your holiday will be missing this year is the sugar! Make it a happy and healthy Easter by ditching the traditional sugary treats and incorporating stevia into your festivities.

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