About Stevita Naturals:

Like you, the Stevita® family team is committed to good health—of our bodies and our planet.

Since introducing the world’s first tabletop stevia in 1988, we have put that commitment into every box of our organic stevia products.

We source 100% of our stevia from its natural habitat in southwestern Brazil. There, a small cooperative of family farmers produce the purest, best-tasting stevia using organic, fair trade, sustainable farming practices.

The stevia extract used in all our products is made from two ingredients:

  • 100% fair trade Brazilian organic stevia leaves
  • And purified water

The result is an authentically sweet, lip-smacking pure stevia with no aftertaste.

Our stevia blend products combine the goodness of our pure organic stevia extract with either organic, non-GMO erythritol sourced from yucca root, or pure xylitol.

And unlike other stevia brands, Stevita® stevia and stevia products are NEVER grown or sourced from China, and contain no artificial fillers, sweeteners, or other ingredients.

Just perfectly natural sweetness to support your healthy lifestyle (and satisfy your sweet tooth)—from our farms to your table.