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Natural Strawberry Stevia Drops

Natural Strawberry Stevia Drops

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Stevita Liquid with Delicious Natural Flavors - Certified Kosher Stevia

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Stevita Liquid—Organic Stevia Drops

Looking for an liquid stevia drop without artificial flavors?

Stevita Liquid is a convenient zero-calorie liquid flavored stevia drop available in a variety of palate-pleasing plant-based flavors.

This liquid stevia is ideal for sweetening your favorite beverages, yogurts, smoothies, desserts, and more. It also makes refreshingly affordable stevia sodas when mixed with sparkling water.

Stevita Liquid comes in three delectable natural, plant-based flavors:

    • Toffee—a favorite for flavoring hot or iced coffee, stevia hot chocolate, and stevia desserts

    • Vanilla—irresistible blended into smoothies, whipped cream, stevia desserts, hot or iced coffee and making stevia hot chocolate

  • Strawberry—perfect for making strawberry lemonade, added to sparkling water or smoothies

Stevita Liquid Stevia Drops Sweet Facts-At-A-Glance

    • Made with certified organic, fair-trade Brazilian stevia extract

    • Dissolves instantly in foods and beverages

    • Zero calories

    • Zero carbs

    • Zero sugar

    • Zero artificial ingredients

    • Paleo-friendly

    • Low-glycemic

    • Diabetic-friendly

    • Gluten-free

    • Vegan

    • Certified Kosher

    • Sugar-sweet (no bitter aftertaste)

    • Contains natural plant-based flavoring (no bugs, animal extracts, or chemicals here!)

    • Zero artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives

    • Economical (a little goes a long way)

  • Comes in a portable, convenient package

Unit Size - 1.35 oz