Cheery Cherry KETO Candy – Stevita Naturals SteviaSweet- Sugar Free, Hard Candies Naturally: Sweet Flavors & Colors

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 Stevita Naturals Sugar Free,  KETO Hard Candy

Our stevia-sweetened, sugar-free candy looks & tastes like candy. We use non-GMO isomalt, a natural sugar alcohol and natural Fair-Trade sweeteners to create these mouthwatering hard candies with a natural, plant-based cherry flavor. Always Aspartame-Free.

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Stevita Hard KETO Candies—Sugar-Free Stevia-Candy Made With Certified Organic Stevia and Isomalt

Finally, a stevia-sweetened candy that actually tastes like candy, looks like candy, and eats like candy.

Stevita Hard Candies were the first stevia-sweetened candy on the market! A perfect combination of the health benefits of certified organic stevia with isomalt.

Isomalt is a natural sugar alcohol from non-GMO sugar cane which is caramelized, combined with Stevita organic stevia, and formed into mouth-watering sugar-free hard candies.

MILY OWNED / WOMAN OPERATED –  Since 1984, Stevita’s mission is to sweeten the word through quality sugar-free treats, sustainable practices & community support.

AWARD WINNING TASTE – Our stevia-sweetened sugar-free candy tastes, looks and eats like candy. We use isomalt, a natural sugar alcohol from non-GMO sugarcane to create these mouth-watering hard candies with natural plant-based flavors.

ALL NATURAL – Our candies contain no artificial sweeteners. They are Gluten-Free and safe for Diabetics and those following Paleo or Keto Diets. Our Hard Candy is also Tooth Safe.
SUSTAINABLY SOURCED – All our stevia comes from the plant’s natural habitat in southwestern Brazil. Our products contain no artificial fillers.

PACKAGED FOR FRESHNESS – Convenient pop-open tins make it easy to satisfy your sweet tooth on-the-go. Try all four juicy plant-based favors in this special variety pack.

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