Tips For Baking With Stevia

Cookies: Always preheat the oven to the recommended temperature. Crisp, shortbread types of cookies give the best results. For softer, chewy cookies, add some canned pumpkin, uncooked oatmeal or even peanut butter. Never over-bake soft cookies – keep an eye on them in the oven. Another way to achieve a softer cookie texture is with bar or pan cookies like brownies. Their texture and thickness will help satisfy your chewy cookie cravings.

Cakes: Always preheat the oven to the recommended temperature. One secret to moist and light cakes is separating the egg whites and whipping them to super-stiff peaks before folding in the other ingredients, similar to making an angel food cake. After removing the cooked cake from the oven, immediately invert the pan onto a cooling rack. This prevents the cake from falling.

Flavorings and Extracts: Flavorings and extracts such as maple, lemon, and vanilla are great ways to add depth and interest to your dish.

Milk Dairy, Soy, and Coconut: Stevia work great with milk, cream, cream cheese, sour cream and other dairy / or alternative dairy products. That is why we use dairy products in so many of our recipes.

Beverages: This is the easiest place to use stevia. A few drops of clear liquid extract or a pre-measured packet can replace the sugar in traditionally sugar-laden drinks like iced or hot teas, coffee, lemonade, and pre-mixed drink powders. And my favorite… SMOOTHIES!


Yeast Bread: A common misconception is that yeast breads won’t rise without sugar to act as a catalyst. However, bread can rise with just the flour to feed the yeast; this process just takes longer.
Quick Breads: As with cakes, stevia-sweetened quick breads may not rise as well as conventionally sweetened breads. We have made adjustments in the amounts of baking powder or soda in our recipes to give you amazingly delicious sugar-free muffins and breads.

Adding the Stevia: The Key to Good Taste

The final secret to successful cooking with this sweet leaf extract is carefully blending it with all other ingredients. I like to use Stevita Organic, or Stevita with Xylitol because if I use a bit too much, it still tastes great. On the other hand, Simply Stevia is so concentrated… measure carefully; just a pinch too much and your wonderful creation may be too sweet to eat. When cooking with pure stevia, thoroughly mix it with the dry ingredients before adding the wet ingredients, or completely dissolve the stevioside in one of the liquid ingredients (stevioside dissolves faster in warm liquids).

Authentically Sweet

Our stevia extract is made from two ingredients: 100% Brazilian organic stevia leaves and purified water. The result is an authentically sweet lip-smacking stevia with no aftertaste. And unlike other stevia brands, Stevita® stevia is NEVER grown or sourced from China, and contains no artificial fillers, sweeteners, or other ingredients. Just perfectly natural sweetness to support your healthy lifestyle (and satisfy your sweet tooth)—from our farms to your table.
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