4 Ways to Cut Sugar in Your Diet This Summer

4 Ways to Cut Sugar in Your Diet This Summer

Whether you’re working on your bikini body or focused on your overall health, there’s no better time than summer to cutback on sugar in your diet.

Not only has summer arrived, but so has the season of wearing less clothing, eating more on vacations and spending more time outdoors engaging in seasonal recreational activities. All things that can cause most of us to focus on our bodies and health even more.

Consuming too much sugar commonly found in cocktails, ice cream, barbecue sauce and other summer favorites, can not only lead to obesity, but serious conditions like diabetes and heart diseases

The good news is that you can cut the amount of sugar in your diet with a few simple changes that will add up to BIG results.

#1. Skip the Table Sugar

Stop adding sugar, syrup, honey, molasses and other sugary sweeteners to the things you eat and drink. Choose an all-natural sweetener like stevia instead. With no calories or carbs, stevia will give the foods and drinks the sweet flavor you desire without any of the harmful side effects.

#2. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods are loaded with sugar. Anything that comes ready-made in a bag, box or can probably has too much sugar in it. These foods may be easy to prepare and reach for when you’re busy or on-the-go, but when eaten in excess they can have negative effects on your health. Instead, concentrate on cooking whole foods and preparing more meals at home so that you can control the amount of sugar that you’re consuming. Doing this could cut your sugar intake in half.

#3. Eat More Healthy Foods

When most people reach for a snack, they often opt for something filled with sugar like chocolate or soda, which delivers a quick but fleeting boost of energy. But this habit begins to create unhealthy sugar cravings, which are hard to break. When you eat more frequently and your body is filled with healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, unwanted sugar cravings will begin to be reduced.

#4. Cut Out Soda and Juices

Soda and juice are often the first drinks people reach for on warm days. However, most of these beverages are high in sugar, oftentimes filled with more than our daily-required amount of sugar in just one serving. Reaching for infused waters or make your own homemade sodas sweetened with stevia for a good replacement to stay hydrated without the excess sugar.

Make a healthy lifestyle change this summer by reducing sugar in your diet with these easy tips. Using stevia as a replacement for sugar in your diet is great place to start.

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