• Organic

    "First do no harm", this simple statement from the Hippocratic oath also describes why choosing Organic is so important! At Stevita Naturals, we nurture each stevia seedling with love, not toxic chemicals, bringing you the purest best tasting sweeteners available.

  • Non GMO

    You have the right to know where your food comes from and the role it plays in your life and the lives of others. This is just one reason Stevita is committed to providing healthy sweeteners and snacks which are Not genetically modified and are Non GMO.

  • Fair Trade

    We source 100% of our stevia from its natural habitat in southwestern Brazil. There, a small cooperative of fair-trade family farmers produce the purest best tasting stevia.

  • Oscar's Mother Flora Rodrigues - Limeira, Brazil 1941

  • History

    Rooted in Community

    Born & raised on a Brazilian farmstead, founder, Oscar Rodrigues, enjoyed  the sweet wild Stevia plants his grandma gathered on his family’s farm. 

    Fast forward to1982. Farmers in Marangra, Brazil form a Stevia growing cooperative.

    In 1984  these farmers, local government, and the University built the first extraction facility in North and South America - Stevita.

    Finally, in 1988 The Rodrigues family introduced Stevita Naturals in the US.

Stevita - Responsible

A Sweeter World

As Stevita Naturals grows, so does our commitment to those family farms and the Rodrigues Family's original promise and vision.

Currently, we offer literacy programs, for farmers and their families—many of whom still face illiteracy.  We are working on creating a community funding loan program where farmers can either lend, borrow, rent, or buy the equipment they need for the farms without incurring lifelong debts.

On behalf of our founders and family farmers, we thank you for supporting our mission to bring sweetness to people and the planet.

~The Stevita Naturals Family Team

Herbal Health

Woman Led Healthy Innovation

In the 1980s, most Americans thought health came from the drugstore. This didn’t stop Patricia Rodes from making it her mission to both educate the public and provide healthy, sweet-tasting, and natural alternatives to over the counter medication in American diets; the result is the woman-owned and woman-operated company Stevita Naturals.

Patricia was first introduced to medicinal herbs and the natural herbal sweetener stevia through her Brazilian husband, who showed her the farms where it was grown and demonstrated stevia’s potential as a healthy, no-calorie sweetener. A wholesome Christian mother who enjoyed gardening and staying fit, Patricia loved the idea of natural alternatives and immediately saw an opportunity to help Americans. She began importing stevia tea leaves and health supplements from Brazil, taking it upon herself to teach Americans about the wonders of natural herbs.

~The Stevita Naturals Family Team

Authentically Sweet

Our stevia extract is made from two ingredients: 100% Brazilian organic stevia leaves and purified water. The result is an authentically sweet lip-smacking stevia with no aftertaste. And unlike other stevia brands, Stevita® stevia is NEVER grown or sourced from China, and contains no artificial fillers, sweeteners, or other ingredients. Just perfectly natural sweetness to support your healthy lifestyle (and satisfy your sweet tooth)—from our farms to your table.

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