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Are Stevita and stevia the same?

Stevia is the name of the plant used in our Stevita Naturals brand products. We only use the highest quality organic stevia, which is grown and extracted from its native habitat in Brazil.

Stevita Naturals Customer FAQs

Naturally Sweet

Are Stevita Naturals and stevia the same?

Stevia is the name of the plant extract used in our Stevita Naturals brand products. We use only the highest quality organic stevia plant extract from its native habitat in Brazil in our powders, liquids, and candies!


What is stevia leaf extract?

Stevia leaf extract comes from the naturally sweet leaves of the stevia plant. Over 200 times sweeter than sugar, stevia leaf extract is the primary ingredient in Stevita Naturals Natural Sweeteners.

What are “natural flavors”?

Some Stevita Naturals products contain natural flavors. These flavors are all plant derived and enhance the taste of Stevita Naturals products to give you the best sugar-free experience possible.

What is erythritol?

Stevita Naturals’s erythritol is a low-carb sweetener produced through the fermentation of fair trade and organic cassava roots. Erythritol is also found in fruits like grapes and pears. It provides bulk and a sugar-like texture and appearance to Stevita Naturals Organic Sweetener.

What is isomalt?

Our candy’s base ingredient is isomalt from non-GMO corn. Isomalt is a sugar alcohol, and has a negligible impact on blood sugar levels (Glycemic Index 9) and does not promote tooth decay. Isomalt is flavorless and not very sweet on its own, so we at Stevita Naturals add our sweet organic stevia leaf extract, natural juicy flavors, and a pop of natural colors to achieve a refreshing candy without the guilt.

Why do you use maltitol and sorbitol in Stevita Naturals Chewing Gum?

Stevita Naturals Gum was created by a grandpa over 15 years ago, as an aspartame-free option for his grandkids.

Kids can be picky, so Stevita Naturals Gum had to be great-tasting and long-lasting. That’s where maltitol and sorbitol come in! These natural sugar alcohols make Stevita Naturals gum taste amazing, but they are only about 50%-70% as sweet as sugar. To create the perfect chewing experience, we add a little stevia extract for just the right amount of sweetness without any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Gum Base

Is your gum base from chicle?
Steviadent’s chewing gum base is not derived from chicle. It is a standard base found in almost all chewing gums and includes FDA approved food grade synthetic elasticizers. These stretchy addins give SteviaDent the perfect chewing consistency while enhancing its long lasting flavor. (We still don’t recommend that you swallow gum. So, please dispose of it responsibly.) SteviaDent is Free From: latex, petroleum, aspartame, acesulfame k, sucurolus, artificial flavors, artificial colors and BHT.

Why do you use titanium dioxide in the Boost Drink Mixes?

Titanium dioxide is a safe and naturally occurring mineral. We use it as a natural color enhancer for our Boost Hydration water enhancers. This added touch of color often helps kids of all ages to enjoy more water during the day.

What is fumaric acid?

Fumaric acid gives Stevita Boost drink mixes a perfect sweet-tart taste. It also helps keep the drink powder flowing smoothly, making it easier to pour and mix.

What is silicon dioxide?

Silicon dioxide appears naturally in many foods including leafy greens. We use it in some of our products because it prevents powders from clumping, which makes using our sweeteners and drink mixes easy.

Dietary Restrictions

Can people with diabetes use Stevita Naturals Sweeteners?

Yes. Stevita Naturals Natural Sweeteners do not contain sugar.

Is Stevita Naturals Sweetener keto-friendly?

Yes, Stevita Naturals Sweeteners are keto-friendly. The carbs listed on the label for Stevita Naturals Organic and Stevita Naturals Supreme come from erythritol or xylitol, which mainly pass through the body without being broken down for energy.

Does Stevita Naturals contain any animal products?

Stevita Naturals Sweeteners, Grape Candy, and Cocoa products contain no animal products, perfect for vegetarians and vegans! Stevita Naturals Chewing Gum and other candy flavors are vegetarian, but not vegan.

Does Stevita Naturals contain GMOs?

Stevita Naturals products are all non-GMO.

Are your products hCG approved?

There are many variations of the “classic” hCG diet and some have recommended Stevita Naturals' sweeteners, candy and chewing gum after the first hCG phase. Your healthcare provider, can help determine if Stevita Naturals products are right for you.

Are your products FODMAP approved?

FODMAP diet is an eating plan often recommended to help relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and/or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and/or sensitive digestive problems. Pure Stevia, without any additives, are is often recommended. Stevita Naturals, Extra Sweet, is the only pure stevia available in convenient packets - it is also available in a bulk jar. Extra Sweet is 200 times sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way. Your healthcare provider, can help determine if Stevita Naturals products are right for you.

Are you certified non-GMO?

As a small fair-trade company, we do not have the resources to pay for certification (yet). Please note all USDA organically certified products are automatically certified non-GMO by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

Is Stevita Naturals Kosher?

Stevita Naturals sweetener products are certified kosher through OK Kosher, a leading global kosher certification agency. We are in the process of certifying our candy and gum.

Is Stevita Naturals organic?

Stevita Naturals Organic, Stevita Naturals Extra Sweet, and Stevita Naturals Organic Original Liquid Sweeteners are USDA certified organic. Our other Stevita Naturals products are not certified organic.

Is Stevita Naturals gluten-free?

Stevita Naturals sweeteners, Candy, Cocoa, and Chewing Gum products are gluten-free.


Is Stevita Naturals safe?

Studies have shown that the ingredients in Stevita Naturals sweetener products are safe for all individuals.

How long do Stevita Naturals sweetener products stay fresh?

Please refer to the “best by” date printed on all packages of Stevita Naturals sweetener products, usually on the bottom of the package, for recommended use period.

Are there any known drug interactions with Stevita Naturals?

There are no known interactions between Stevita Naturals sweetener products and any prescription or over the counter medications. However, there haven’t been any targeted safety studies to evaluate the potential for interactions. If you have questions, please consult your medical professional.

Is Stevita Naturals safe for my medical conditions?

There are no known side effects of Stevita Naturals Natural Sweetener and it is not known to be contraindicated for any medical conditions.

Using/ Cooking/Baking

Can I cook and bake with Stevita Naturals products?

Absolutely! Browse our website for recipes to get started, and use our Stevita Naturals sweetener conversion charts for your own recipes too.

How much Stevita Naturals should I use when substituting for sugar?

Use our Stevita Naturals sweetener conversion charts on our website to achieve the best results when substituting for sugar in recipes.

What recipes do you recommend?

There are so many good ones! Consider browsing the recipe section of our website to find the latest goodies from our test kitchen.


What are Stevita Naturals Calorie-Free Liquids?

Stevita Naturals Calorie-Free Organic Liquids are naturally calorie-free stevia liquid sweeteners. Add them to whatever you’re sipping—be it coffee, tea, shakes and smoothies! They come in four satisfying flavors: Original, Strawberry, Toffee, and Vanilla.

Do I need to keep Stevita Naturals Drops refrigerated?

Stevita Naturals liquid does not need to be kept in the refrigerator - So, it is perfect on-the-go. Because it is all natural, stevia liquid may crystallize and restrict dropper flow. Simply use a thin object to remove any crystallized stevia from the dropper and enjoy nature’s sweetener.

Why did my candy turn white? Can I still eat it?

It is very common to open a confectionary tin and find a powdery white film on the candies inside. This white film is a safe-to-eat condition called “bloom.”
Bloom is caused by moisture coming in contact with the candy. SteviaSweet Candy uses a base called isomalt, which comes in crystalline form. Those crystals are usually small enough that you can neither see them nor feel them with your tongue. When moisture comes in contact with the candy’s surface, those fine crystals are dissolved. When the moisture dries or evaporates, the crystals precipitate out of the candy and onto the surface, creating a white film. The candy is still safe and delicious to eat.

What is the difference between Stevia Delight and Stevia Cocoa Delight?

They are both the exact same decadent chocolate creation, just with new packaging!