Five Advantages of Stevia You Might Not Know About

Five Advantages of Stevia You Might Not Know About

Table sugar can be bad for your body. It causes glucose levels to spike and plummet, increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, causes tooth decay and even accelerates aging among numerous other side effects. As awareness continues to increase about the negative fallout of consuming too much sugar, consumers have turned to a variety of alternative sweeteners, none more popular or healthier than stevia.

Stevia is a sugar substitute made from the leaves of the stevia plant. It’s known for being 100 to 300 times sweeter than ordinary table sugar, but without the calories or carbohydrates, which makes it a staple for many diabetics and dieters.

But, while it’s pretty much common knowledge that stevia is a healthier alternative to sugar, there are lots of other lesser-known reasons to LOVE this ancient sweetener, and Stevita stevia in particular.

Stevita Stevia is:

1. 100% Organic

Organic food is grown following the USDA National Organic Program Standard, using only renewable resources and free of artificial food additives. At Stevita Naturals, each stevia seedling is nurtured without the use of toxic chemicals in order to bring the purest, best tasting sweetener to consumers’ tables prepared with no man-made pesticides or fertilizers.

2. Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a system of certification aimed at ensuring that a high standard is met when it comes to the production and supply of a product. For farmers and workers, that means workers’ rights, safer working conditions and fairer pay. For shoppers it means high-quality, ethically produced products. Stevita Naturals sources 100% of its stevia from a natural habitat in southwestern Brazil staffed with a small cooperative of fair-trade family farmers.

3. Non-GMO

All of Stevita Stevia’s products are non-GMO or not genetically modified. GMOs, which stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, are plants, animals, microorganisms and other ingredients that have been manipulated by scientists in ways not possible in nature. Since few studies have been conducted on the risk of GMOs to human health or the environment, Stevita has pledged not to use them in their natural products.

4. Made from All Natural Ingredients

Stevita products don’t contain any artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives and that’s good news for your body. Many artificial sweeteners are believed to be carcinogenic and thought to contribute to headaches and digestive issues, and interfere with metabolism and insulin. And while artificial flavors and preservatives on their own might not be harmful, the addition of them to a product is likely an indicator that the food is highly processed.

5. Certified Kosher and Vegan

Kosher foods are highly beneficial to health-motivated consumers because of the strict rules under which they are produced, along with the close inspection and monitoring required to receive the Kosher label, which has become synonymous with quality. Stevita products are not only Certified Kosher, but they’re also vegan so those who have chosen not to consume food derived from animals can still enjoy the sweet flavor.

Not all sweeteners and not all stevia is created equal, so the next time you grab an alternative sweetener, reach for Stevita Stevia.

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