Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day and Every Day

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day and Every Day

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect day to go green! Not just for the holiday, but every day! Going green is beneficial for the planet and makes the world a better place to live for generations to come.

Start a new tradition this St. Patrick’s Day. Have a green celebration for the holiday, and use it as stepping stone to start living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle every day.

Plan a Green Holiday Celebration

Enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day festivities with environmentally-friendly celebrations. If you have a party, use biodegradable plates, cups, napkins and silverware for guests, have a recycle bin handy, and choose locally sourced beer and snacks. If you’re going out with friends, use a ride-sharing service or public transportation, and skip the plastic straws at restaurants and bars. Don’t use toxic hair dyes and face paints, and opt for reusable hats, jewelry and clothing to showcase your St. Patrick’s Day spirit. If you’re celebrating with children, spend some time doing eco-friendly arts and crafts projects using recyclable materials or plant a tree to mark the holiday and help offset your carbon footprint.

More Ways to Go Green All Year Long

Go Vegan

Switching to a vegan diet is one of the best ways to help the environment. When you eat a vegan diet, it helps to clean the soil, purify the air and save energy. Vegan diets are also healthy and, delicious. Another bonus of a vegan lifestyle: Stevita’s stevia products are vegan!

Reduce Your Energy Usage

Purchasing energy efficient appliances is a good first step towards conserving energy resources and helping the environment. Turning off lights and unused electronics also helps. Turn down the thermostat in the winter and the A/C up in the summer, and wash your clothing in cold water.

Switch to Reusable Products

Billions of pounds of waste end up in oceans and landfills. Reusable items help to reduce emissions and save money. Opt for reusable shopping bags when you go to the market, bring your own cup when you dine out, ditch the plastic water bottles for your own reusable bottle and use cloth towels instead of paper.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Many household cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and your personal health. Make your own eco-friendly products using water and ingredients like vinegar or baking soda.

Donate Unwanted Items

Getting new dishes or clothing, don’t throw out your old ones. Donate them to friends and family or a local thrift shop instead. Shopping at second hand stores is also a great way to reduce your environmental footprint as well.

Happy (Green} St. Patrick’s Day! You’re certain to have more gold in your pot when you switch to a green lifestyle.

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