Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring is in full bloom! After a long winter, spring’s rebirth tends to spark an urge in us to simplify, clean-out and get a fresh start. We spring clean our homes, toss out worn out items and outgrown clothing, and even fine-tune our diets.

With summer on the horizon, the change in seasons is an ideal time to implement healthy eating habits, get active and even shed a few pounds. Spring clean your diet and emerge a healthier you with these wholesome tips. You’ll look better and feel better, and it won’t “hurt” a bit.

Drink More Water

Water is vital to the human body. It’s important to be properly hydrated so that your immune system and metabolism function at their best. Aim to drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day. Water can also help to curb hunger cravings so that you don’t overeat. If you don’t enjoy the taste of plain water, try adding a few drops of a flavored liquid stevia drop for a fruity refreshment.

Eat Clean

The best way to see significant results when it comes to your health and weight is to eat clean. That means eliminating processed foods, which are high in calories and loaded with sugar, fat, sodium and unhealthy fats. It’s also a good idea to cut back on your alcohol intake, sticking with the recommended limit of one drink a day for women and two for men.

Instead, focus on eating whole, natural foods, like fruits and vegetables, which are low in calories, and rich in nutrients and antioxidants. You’ll also want to incorporate more whole grains, fiber and healthy fats into your diet to reduce the risks associated with heart disease and cancer. If you have a sweet tooth, opt for a natural sweetener like stevia, instead of sugar.

Ditch the Soda

Soda consumption has been linked with numerous health problems. Giving up soda will improve your overall health as well as limit your sugar intake. Still craving the carbonation? Mix our flavored liquid stevia drops with sparkling water to make your own healthy sodas at home.

Dine In

Preparing your own meals is the only way to guarantee that they’re healthy. When you cook at home using fresh ingredients, you’ll be able to cut back on extra calories and eat smaller portions as well. Pack a healthy lunch on workdays and skip dining out too often.

Plant a Garden

Research shows that gardening is a great way to reduce stress and get in some extra exercise, both good for your overall health. Planting your own herbs and vegetables will not only boost your diet’s nutrition, but it can cut grocery costs as well. If you don’t have a patch of yard to use for your garden, plant a window box or planter instead.

Nourish your body this spring and your summer will be bright!

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