Tips to Celebrate Halloween Safely During the Pandemic

Tips to Celebrate Halloween Safely During the Pandemic

Halloween will look different this year as the nation deals with the continuing Coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still celebrate the holiday. Some of our usual Halloween traditions may need to be modified or put on hold, but there are plenty of festive ways for the kids . . . and kids at heart . . .  to enjoy the evening safely.

Check out our tips for a safe, healthy and fun alternative Halloween celebration:

Host a Virtual Costume Contest

It wouldn’t be Halloween without dressing up. Set up a Zoom meeting with your friends, play some spooky music and show off your costumes. At the end, vote for the best costume and crown a winner.

Outside Pumpkin Carving

Gather your friends and family to carve pumpkins together in front of your house or in the backyard. Set up tables 6 feet apart with hand sanitizer and pumpkin carving tools for a safe experience. After all the pumpkins have been carved, award prizes for the best ones.

Watch a Halloween Movie Outdoors

Set up a movie night under the stars. Choose a holiday classic like It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or opt for a scare by watching your favorite horror movie. Don’t forget the popcorn and Halloween candy.

Halloween Candy Hunt

Hide candy around the house or in the backyard like you would for an Easter egg hunt for the kids to find. You can purchase Halloween-themed eggs online at Amazon. If you have older children, make it a glow-in-the-dark candy hunt by turning off the lights and placing glow sticks inside the eggs.

Bake Together in the Kitchen

Whip up some festive, holiday treats in the kitchen with the kids to enjoy on Halloween. Use Halloween-themed cookie cutters to cut out cookies into fun shapes. Cut back on the excess sugar by using stevia instead in your recipes.

Halloween Car Parade

Decorate cars or even bikes with your favorite Halloween decorations. Turn on your car radio and blast some spooky music while caravanning around your neighbor. Make it more fun by throwing candy out the window to the onlookers you pass by.

Set Up a Safe Trick-or-Treat Experience

If you’ll be passing out candy this year to trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood, set up a safe station that allows for social distancing. You can place candy in already prepared treat bags and set them on a table for your costumed visitors   up themselves. Place a bottle of hand sanitizer on the table as an added precaution.

Happy Halloween!

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