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HUM GUM ~ Favorite Flavor Lot ~ 1-Peppermint & 1-Fruit

HUM GUM ~ Favorite Flavor Lot ~ 1-Peppermint & 1-Fruit

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You get one of each: Peppermint HUM GUM & Fruit HUM GUM - Enjoy our best selling flavors!

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You get: 1 sleeve of Peppermint gum and 1 sleeve of Fruit gum.

It’s no secret that kids love chewing gum. Our founder, Oscar Rodes, created our Stevita Naturals HUM GUM as a natural, artificial sweetener-free and sugar-free gum for his grandchildren. He wanted to feel good about what he was giving them!


If you’re looking for a deliciously healthy stevia-sweetened gum for you and your family, we just know you’ll love our Hum Stevita chewing gum!


Stevita HUM GUM is:


✅ The only stevia-xylitol sweetened gum on the market

✅ Made with Stevita certified organic fair trade Brazilian stevia

✅ Free from artificial sweeteners

✅ Sugar-free

✅ Non-GMO

✅ Low calorie & low-carb

✅ Kid approved delicious!


Available in 4 classic chewing gum flavors: cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint, and fruit.