Healthy Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Healthy Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally celebrated with too much green beer, too many green sugar-laden treats, a heavy, high-calorie traditional dinner and not enough sleep for party-goers. This year, make your holiday extra lucky by skipping these unhealthy traditions, and incorporating festive, healthy activities and food into your celebration instead. Your summer body will thank you!

Our tips will help you have a healthy St. Patrick’s day celebration with friends and loved ones.

Make Your Own Shamrock Smoothies

Avoid artificially flavored and dyed smoothies and shakes this St. Patrick Day, and make your own healthy version at home. Use kale or spinach as your green base, and toss in a ½ cup of plain yogurt, a banana, some chopped mint and a teaspoon of Stevita Cocoa Delight for a delicious, natural alternative.

Serve Healthy Themed Snacks

Get creative and whip up a variety of green and holiday-themed eats. Avocado toast and fries, bell peppers cut to look four-leaf clovers, zucchini chips, and rainbow fruit kebabs are all fun and tasty choices.

Break Out the All Natural Green Food Coloring

Forget the green beer this year, and opt for green water instead. Enjoy a refreshing glass of water infused with lime and cucumbers and a dash of all natural green food coloring and toast to a healthy holiday.

Incorporate Irish Dancing and Music Into Your Day

Get into the spirt of the holiday by playing some Celtic music while you go about your day or sit on your patio. Watching some Irish dancing is another fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Search the internet for a variety of Irish dance videos. You may be inspired to dance a jig of your own. It’s the perfect way to incorporate some heart-healthy physical activity into your holiday.

Festive Games

Skip the pub crawl and play some games instead. Holiday-themed scavenger hunts, relay races, ping pong and corn hole are all fun ways to celebrate for kids and adults. Laughing and being active are good for your health too.

Start a new tradition this year and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the healthy way. The luck of the Irish is sure to be with you.

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