Tips for a Sugar-Free Christmas

Tips for a Sugar-Free Christmas

Tis the season for shopping, holiday parties, Hallmark movies and, of course, food! The holidays are a magical time filled with tradition, giving, togetherness and often overindulgence. Sugary treats are especially tempting this time of year.

Christmas cookies baking at grandma’s house, platters of fudge in the break room, eggnog toasts and pies as far as the eyes can see at each and every party; how is one supposed to resist all of this sweet, sugar-filled goodness? It might be tempting to throw your healthy routine out the window until the holidays are over, but the smarter choice is to make some healthier swaps and choices that allow you to enjoy the treats you love this Christmas without the guilt and negative health effects.

Consuming too much sugar can permanently damage your metabolism, and lead to obesity and diabetes. Reducing or even eliminating your sugar intake during the holidays will keep you feeling your best. Our tips will help you say no to excess sugar this Christmas.

Have a Game Plan

Set goals for your holiday eating in advance. Maybe you’ll choose to have a cheat day on Christmas day or splurge a little on New Year’s Eve. Better yet, maybe you’ll make a commitment to stay sugar-free through the entire holiday season. When you establish clearly defined goals, it’s easier to stick to them and not overindulge. Once you established your diet goals, share them with a friend or family member to offer support and help keep you accountable.

Eat Before Parties

If your calendar’s full of holiday events with unlimited food and flowing cocktails, eating before you go will help stave off temptation. A full belly will help you to make healthier choices at the buffet table and keep you from consuming too much. If you do decide to eat, stick to nuts, the veggie platters and fruit trays.

Find a Buddy

It’s no fun being the only person that’s not indulging in the traditional sugary treats. Recruit your spouse or a friend to commit to having a healthier holiday alongside you. Having a partner to share challenges and advice will help you stay on track, and stick to your goals.

Enjoy Sweets without the Sugar

Just because you’re eating healthy, doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy holiday sweets. Swap white sugar in your holiday recipes with stevia for a zero calorie, zero carb alternative. You can also use stevia in your holiday cocktails and buy sugar-free candies to make your very own healthy gingerbread house.

Staying sugar-free this holiday season will ensure that your looking and feeling healthy this January.

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